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Are you getting Warmer?

Warmer Communications is founded on the idea that stories, well researched, well targeted and well told, help open doors and forge connections between people.  Good stories are listened to and acted upon, because they build the credibility of an idea, an individual leader or an organisation.  They enable change.  They build business.  They make things happen.

We work with leaders: chief executives, marketing directors, people directors and technical leaders – as well as the teams that support them – to enable effective communication with their target audiences, within their organisations and the consumers and customers in the markets on which they focus.

We join up the talents of marketeers, change managers, technologists, researchers and production teams to deepen the understanding and potential of each story, to ensure they are both true and relevant for the target market and to produce them to a standard that fits their purpose.  We aim for the power of advertising, but with a news agenda.

Stories can be told and re-told in many ways, across multiple media types.  Great leaders use stories to galvanise people because they connect them to, and enable them to get behind, the big ideas that make change happen – the change they wish to see in the world around them.

And the world itself is changing.  In any phase of history, but particularly in a warming world -- we will have to adapt and adopt new ways of thinking, acting and working.  More than ever, change will be inevitable and while it is a constant, the pace and direction are in constant fluctuation.

Warmer doesn’t claim to offer new thinking.  It does promise to be passionate about creating a more rounded, more integrated approach to communicating in tomorrow’s world.